There are many jobs you can do after college with a degree in Agricultural and Environmental Education, Animal Science or Animal Science & Management.  Career exploration starts in your first quarter at UC Davis.

Check out the links below for more information about careers in your specific major:

For a list of potential careers in your chosen major check out the Internship and Career Center's What Can I Do With My Major or Degree page. After you have read about what you can do with your major, plan to have an appointment with an advisor at the Internship and Career Center. Check out the companies attending the different Internship & Career Fairs offered throughout the year.

Industry Positions

USDA Positions

Are you interested in working for the USDA? Government job applications can be difficult to navigate. For that reason, we have provided some helpful resources for you to review as you prepare to submit your application.

Career Symposium

More information on our annual Career Symposium.