Avian Facilities

The Avian facilities has three locations:

Hopkins Avian Facility

Located on Hopkins Road, across from the University Airport, the Hopkins Avian Facility houses multiple species ranging from chickens to kestrels to parrots to finches. Composed of more than 15 buildings on 18 acres, research and teaching can be carried out in a variety of building and environments.

Meyer Hall Hatchery

The Meyer Hall Hatchery is located in the lower level of Meyer Hall. The hatchery supplies eggs and chicks to the other Animal Science Avian facilities as well as other departments and colleges on the UC Davis campus.

Meyer Hall Avian Facility

The Meyer Hall Avian Facility provides intensive research facilities for faculty and students. With the ability to house multiple species in a variety of controlled and monitored environments and chambers, it offers researchers an invaluable resource.

Egg Shipments - Our facilities also ships fertile eggs for research, including our unique genetic lines. For more information, please contact us by phone or e-mail.