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Study Abroad

There are many opportunities to Study Abroad and diversify your academic experience!

Taking Animal Science courses through Study Abroad

You can complete major required coursework through Study Abroad programs at various universities around the globe! There are two types of Study Abroad programs that work best for your major:

UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP)

  • The University of California Education Abroad programs work best when done during Fall Quarter. Some programs can also be completed in Summer (see below).
  • UC Education Abroad Program is an immersion program. This means that you will experience living on campus in a foreign country, and will be exposed to a new culture, language, education system, etc. However, ALL courses will be taught in English in UCEAP, unless otherwise noted.
  • Depending on the university you choose, UCEAP allows you to take equivalents of required courses. You can take coursework relevant to your specialization or focus depth.
  • Keep in mind that many of these programs have a GPA requirement of 2.00, 2.85 (for most ANS coursework equivalents), or 3.00.
  • Students MUST plan their study abroad program AT LEAST one year in advance.

Summer Abroad

  • Summer Abroad programs have a different structure from Quarter Abroad or UCEAP. They are generally 6-8 weeks long, during which time you will be working with a UC Faculty Mentor. Courses are often structured with field trips or hands on experience.
  • There are also immersion programs offered during the summer where you can take AEE, ANS and ANM coursework, similar to UCEAP. For those interested in vet school, there is even an accelerated program that allows you to complete the entire Physics 7 series in one summer in either Scotland, Ireland, or England. Keep in mind that there is a 2.00 GPA requirement for these immersion programs.

To learn more about more about other general Study Abroad opportunities, visit the Study Abroad website.

Other Abroad Experience Opportunities

There are also several abroad opportunities where you can gain experience with animals!

Vida Volunteer

  • Vida Volunteer is a 2-3 week summer program that takes students to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, or Guatemala. They offer Veterinary, Medical, and Dental programs.
  • In the Veterinary program, students provide free veterinary care to people in underserved communities. Students in the program will have the opportunity to assist with physical exams and surgery, and administer vaccinations and medications. Most of the work is done with companion animals, but at least one day of the program is reserved for work with large/food animals.
  • To get more information on the Vida program, you can visit their website.
  • In recent years, there have been groups of students from UC Davis participating in the Vida programs. There are usually informational meetings for the program put on by the Vet Aide Club. You must be on the Vet Aide Club list-serve to get information on upcoming meetings.

Veterinary Schools Abroad

  • You can also attend veterinary school abroad! Take a look at our Worldwide Vet School requirements handout to see more information about accredited international vet schools and their course requirements.
  • A few of the vet schools will allow undergraduates to either take their courses abroad or provide internship opportunities abroad.