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Welcome! Animal Science is the home for three undergraduate majors:

The Agricultural and Environmental Education (AEE) major instructs students in both the natural and social sciences. The program’s focus on real-world activities and hands-on training prepares students for careers that merge the social and natural sciences in agricultural and environmental contexts.

The Animal Science (ANS) major is devoted to the sciences central to understanding the biological function of domestic and captive animals, their care, management, and utilization by people for food, fiber, companionship and recreation. This major takes an integrated approach to the study of animal behavior, reproduction, growth, lactation, molecular biology, and many other aspects of animal biology.

Animal Science and Management (ANM) major offers students training in the fields of animal science, marketing, economics, and accounting. Graduates of this interdisciplinary major will be well positioned to adjust to our rapidly changing world and job market.

The AEE, ANS and ANM majors provide students with a unique training in the biology of animals to propel them into a wide variety of careers. Graduates are prepared for advanced graduate degrees, teaching credential programs, or professional schools as well as careers in the animal health industry, business, or teaching.