Translate Science from Bench to Benefit

With science, understanding the why and wherefore is often internally satisfying but the ability to apply that science to the challenges that we face as a community can be incredibly rewarding.

The Department of Animal Science is a premier department that uses discipline-based expertise in the interdisciplinary study of relevant animal agriculture and animal biology issues. We address questions related to traditional animal agriculture while also addressing current issues that face modern agriculture. We apply those same approaches to domestic and captive species including companion animals and conservation of wild species harvested for food. Our faculty research is high-quality experimental research that is translated into innovative strategies that solve agricultural, environmental, and societal problems related to animals.

Our students value translating what they learn and discover in the lab to achieve real world changes. For example, uncovering the interplay of nutrition and the immune system results in more effective disease control while characterizing the genetic profile for disease resistance is translated into greater food availability and better food safety for consumers.

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