Faculty Advisor Assignments

Faculty Advisors are professors; they provide in-depth information on particular areas of study and serve as a contact point between the student and faculty. They assist students in selecting specialization courses and have full authority regarding courses taken to fulfill the student's specialization. Faculty Advisor's must be consulted when selecting your specialization coursework, and will have the final say in specialization approval. Here is an email template to help guide your conversation with your Faculty Advisor.

Faculty Advisors also discuss research possibilities for students with other faculty, career opportunities, and in general, act as a mentor for the student.

Every student in the AEE, ANS and ANM majors are assigned to their own Faculty Advisor.

The selection of Faculty Advisors is done by the Master Advisor and the Academic Advisors.

Faculty Advisors handle their own scheduling; you must contact him/her directly to make an appointment.

ANS and ANM Student Faculty Advisor Assignments

To find your Faculty Advisor, email asac@ucdavis.edu with your name and major included.  Learn more about the Department of Animal Science Faculty.

AEE Student Faculty Advisor Assignments

Your Faculty Advisors are Dr. Lynn Martindale and Dr. Deanne Meyer