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The Department of Animal Science's mission is to create and disseminate knowledge about animals, for the betterment of animals, society, and the environment in California and beyond.

Animal Science has an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to its research, teaching, extension, and outreach programs. The core competency is the whole organismal study of domestic and/or wild animals in their respective environments.

Key disciplinary and research areas:

  • Genetics/genomics
  • Animal physiology
  • Nutrient metabolism
  • Animal behavior/welfare
  • Sustainable animal agriculture

Associated Funds


How Can I Make a Contribution?

You can participate in Animal Science's continuing excellence in teaching, research and extension by contributing to any of the funds described below, or indicating an area or activity of your own. Contributions can be made by check or online.

By Check

You can contribute $1000, $500, $250, $100, $50, or any other amount. Please indicate the fund name or code initials (below) on the memo portion of the check and send your check made payable to "UC Regents" to:

Department of Animal Science
Attn: Department Chair
University of California
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA 95616-8521

Phone:+1 (530) 752-1251


Please visit the following link to make a gift using our online system:

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Memorial Funds

Codes are enclosed in square brackets

James H. Meyer [JHM]

Chancellor Emeritus James H. Meyer's (1920-2002) distinguished career included service as Professor in the Department of Animal Science (1951-1962), Dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (1960-1969) and Chancellor of the University of California, Davis (1969-1987). Chancellor Emeritus Meyer's family has requested that memorial donations be used to benefit students.

Frank X. Ogasawara [FXO]

Professor Frank X. Ogasawara (1913-2002) was a pioneer in poultry reproductive physiology and tireless champion of students, to whom he was fondly known as "Dr. ‘O’." Contributions to the Kratzer, Ogasawara and Vohra Scholarship Fund provide financial support to undergraduate and graduate students in the area of avian sciences.

Ian Garnett [IG]

Dr. Ian Garnett (1945-2001) was a popular and distinguished Lecturer in the Department and founder of the Master of Agriculture and Management degree program. The Ian Garnett Award Fund was established in memory of Dr. Garnett’s devotion to teaching and advising.

Reuben Albaugh [RA]

Among many notable achievements, Rube Albaugh (1901-1995), the “old buckaroo,” helped form the California Beef Cattle Improvement Association, and ran the statewide Extension Horse Program. Rube's family was one of California's long-time beef producers. He continued his work in Cooperative Extension in service to California agriculture until his death at the age of 94.

Contributions to the Reuben Albaugh Memorial Fund fund advanced research/study of Farm Advisors at the UC Davis campus.

Dave Robinson [DR]

Professor Dave Robinson, a talented teacher, scientist, administrator and internationalist, served in the Department from 1968 until his untimely death in 1985. His lifelong interest in agriculture was reflected in his appointment as the founding Director of the Small Ruminant Program, a program that served as a model for future international aid programs in assuring more effective use of funds than traditional programs and increasing the probability that research would continue when U.S. involvement ended. The Dave Robinson Memorial Fund is for undergraduate or graduate students with a demonstrated career interest in international agriculture.

Memorial Fund [MF]

Gifts made in memory or honor of individuals may be made to the Animal Science Memorial Fund. Gifts to the Memorial Fund provide support for student activities for which other funds are not available. In recent years the Memorial Fund has provided travel support for a field-trip course taught between academic quarters to expose students to California agricultural enterprises, contributed toward purchase of a livestock trailer in support of departmental show teams, helped to fund professional development of undergraduate students through attendance at national meetings, and promoted student outreach.

Scholarships/Fellowships/Research Support

Codes are enclosed in square brackets

Undergraduate Educational Enhancement Fund [UEEF]

Contributions to this fund help support the professional development of students by covering travel costs to such events as commodity group/professional meetings, special training events and internships. The fund was originally established through a major gift provided by Emeritus Professor Bob Laben and Dorothy Laben.

Graduate Student Fellowships/Scholarships [GSF]

Fellowships and Scholarships permit graduate students time to focus fully on their research projects and intellectual development. Contributions cover living expenses, tuition and fees for graduate students in Animal Science.

Avian Genetic Stocks Conservation Fund [AGSC]

Contributions will be used for the conservation and preservation of critical inbred and mutant lines of poultry. These specialized genetic lines have a long history of contributing to basic and applied research to understand vertebrate genetics and development. The stocks are currently used for research in genetics/genomics, disease resistance and susceptibility, developmental biology and biomedicine. For example, the Red Jungle Fowl inbred line, UCD 001, was selected for sequencing the chicken genome by the National Institutes of Health. The stocks are well-characterized, unique (most are not held by any other institution) and largely irreplaceable; they are made available to researchers both nationally and internationally upon request.

Extracurricular Student Activities [ESA]

Contributions help support a variety of undergraduate events and club activities, such as the Annual Fall Barbecue, Block and Bridle events and Avian Sciences Club events.

Livestock Judging Team [LJT]

The Livestock Judging Program provides students with unique leadership opportunities and hands-on experience with domestic livestock species and horses at both a local and national level. Contributions to the Livestock Judging Team provide the major source of funding for student travel to both regional and national competitions and major industry events. Livestock Judging Team activities are funded solely by donations.

Unrestricted (for use as needed) [UNR]Contributions to this fund provide maximum flexibility for covering special events, developing new programs and providing bridge funding for critical projects in need of temporary support

Other [OTH]

Please specify an area, activity, research project or faculty member that you wish your gift to benefit.