Horse Barn

Horse Barn

Welcome to the UC Davis Horse Barn!

The Department of Animal Science Horse Barn has been a mainstay of the University of California, Davis since its foundation in the early 1910s. The Horse Barn began as a carriage house for draft horses and mules used in agricultural work for the university.

It later became a remount station for the US Army, standing several stallions including the thoroughbred stallion Gunrock, son of Rock Sand and relative to the famed Man O'War. He started as the mascot for the men's basketball team in 1924 and later served as the official mascot for the University.

The barn also served as a successful Thoroughbred breeding operation from the 1930s through the 1960s.  It has, recently, become a promising performance horse breeding operation  producing quality quarter horses, mules, and warmbloods.  The Percheron draft horses have even returned to the barn.

The Horse Barn strives to educate its students about all aspects of equine reproduction and management via hands-on experience. The Horse Barn relies heavily on student involvement to keep it running.  Each year approximately 10-15 students help keep the barn clean, maintained and fed. Today, the barn stands an AQHA stallion and a world champion Mammoth Jack. These stallions are offered to the public and all proceeds directly benefit the equine education program. 

Tours are available by appointment and we are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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Horse Barn Foals Video

Our program features a teaching a research herd of about 40 horses at the UC Davis animal science horse barn.  All the foals are created by students in the stallion internship program.  New foals were born in March including unique breeds such as an Andalusian foal, an Azteca foal and a quarter horse foal.