Seminars 2023-2024

Spring Quarter 2024

Apr 1

Travis Mulliniks
Glenn & Mildred Harvey Professor of Beef Cattle Management and Associate Department Head, Oregon State University
Nutritional and management strategies to increase cow-calf production efficiency

May 6

Dr. Antonio Faciola
Associate Professor, Undergraduate Honors & Graduate Programs Coordinator, University of Florida
How to Succeed in Grad School and Beyond!
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May 13

Dr. Christopher K. Tuggle
C.F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor, Iowa State University
Decoding Function in a Complex Genome: the Pig FAANG example
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June 3

Alison Van Eenennaam, PhD
Distinguished Professor of Cooperative Extension, Department of Animal Science, University of California, Davis
Status of Gene Edited Food Animals and their Products in Australia, and other interesting Aussie facts


Fall Quarter 2023


Oct 2

Donna Li
Master Candidate, Cheng Lab
Implementation of Homomorphic Encryption for Genotypes and Phenotypes on a Real Dataset

Jennifer Jessica Bruscadin
Visiting Scholar, Zhou Lab
Tissue-specificity analysis and target gene prediction from multi-omics bovine data

Oct 9

Annie Xu
PhD Student - Vahmani Lab
Effects of beef fat enriched with trans vaccenic acid and conjugated linoleic acid on glucose tolerance and liver fat accumulation in diet induced obese mice

Oct 16

Bakytzhan Bolkenov
PhD Candidate - Yang Lab
Characterizing Antimicrobial-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae Reservoirs and Antimicrobial Resistance Patterns from Farm to Plate in California

Oct 23

Lauren Lorraine Kovanda
PhD Student - Liu Lab
Effects of dietary short chain fatty acid glycerides on weanling piglet health and immunity

Mark Waltson
PhD Student - Cheng Lab
Better phenotyping for sweetpotato: improving accuracy and throughput for nematode screening and multidimensional color/shape traits

Oct 30

Kaleiah Marie Schiller, exit seminar
PhD Candidate - Horback Lab
Pre- and post-partum human-animal interactions reveal consistent individual behavioral differences among rangeland ewes

Nov 6

Shenwen Gu
PhD Student - Zhou Lab
Utilizing F34 Advanced Intercross Chicken Line to Unveil Causal Variants and Underlying Mechanisms for Growth-Related Complex Traits

Nov 13

Claire P Prowse-Wilkins
Postdoc - Zhou Lab
Comparative ATAC-seq analysis reveals genetic and epigenetic signatures linked to growth in chickens.

Carly Guiltinan
PhD Student - Denicol Lab
Investigating the founder population of primordial germ cells in the bovine embryo.

Nov 20

Mandy Frazier
PhD Candidate in Ecology - Todgham Lab
Antarctic Fish in a Changing World: A comparative approach to predicting species-specific futures.

Katherine Alexakos
Master student - Zhou Lab
Identifying QTLs for Bone Traits in Advanced Intercross Line (AIL) of Chickens

Nov 27

Dailu Guan
Postdoc - Zhou Lab
Unveiling the 3D genome structure and its phenotypic implications
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