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Horse Barn – Educational Opportunities

The Department of Animal Science offers a variety of hands-on internships and classes for undergraduate students.

Herd Health and Management Internship (variable units)

ANS 92/192 interns work 3 hours per week per unit. Units vary by the availability of the individual student and facility need/availability. Students learn about anatomy, nutrition, herd health, reproduction, facility maintenance, event preparation, and first-aid. For this internship, you will be participating in whatever we are doing at the barn that day. This may include: assisting vets, watching stallion collections, assisting interns with foal handling/training, administering medication, exercising horses, cleaning pens, prepping for events, etc.

Mare and Foal Management Internship (5 units)

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This internship is primarily focused on the training of young equids, as well as overseeing mare foaling. Interns will be involved with identifying signs of impending parturition in mares, assisting during parturition, and caring for mare and foal post-foaling. Foal managers will be assigned a yearling to prepare for the Annual Production Sale in June. Preparation will include training foals to lead, tie, pick up their feet, stand to be clipped and bathed, load in a trailer, etc. Additionally, foal managers will work with young foals from an early age to teach them to halter and lead. Foal managers are responsible for caring for the foals, yearlings, and pregnant mares including grooming, exercising, stall cleaning, and related care. Interns will be involved in facility events, such as FFA Field Day, Picnic Day, and more!

Stallion Management Internship (5 units)

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This internship is focused on stallion and mare reproduction. Interns are involved with all aspects of from handling and collecting stallions, processing and evaluating semen, and calculating breeding doses for fresh, cooled, and frozen semen. In terms of mare reproduction, interns will execute estrous cycle tracking via teasing, palpation, and rectal ultrasound, assisted reproductive techniques including artificial insemination, uterine lavage and infusion, estrous cycle manipulation, and pregnancy checks. In addition, stallion managers are responsible for caring for Horse Barn owned and client stallions and mares, including grooming, exercising, stall cleaning, and breeding management. Interns will be involved in facility events, such as FFA Field Day, Picnic Day, and more!


Student Assistant Barn Manager

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Student will assist Horse Barn Manager with daily management of an equine facility. This position aims to give students valuable experience in managing a horse facility of 30-50 horses. Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to, the following: scheduling vet appointments, farrier appointments, and tours; manage daily care of horses including making feeding charts, stall cleaning schedules, coordinating medical treatments; assist barn manager with facility maintenance, outreach, office duties, etc.

Student Resident (Live-in position)

Residents feed, administer medications, complete treatments, daily observations, and night checks. Residents also assist with events, event preparation, and chores as needed. There are two resident positions at the Horse Barn, so work is split between them. Dorm-style resident room is one bedroom with bunk beds and own bathroom.

Barn Cleaning Assistant

The Horse Barn maintains a herd of 30-45 horses living in stalls, outdoor pens, and large pastures. Stalls need to be cleaned daily and pens are cleaned weekly per the herd health protocols. The student assistants will be responsible for maintaining a clean living environment for the horses, daily stall cleaning, weekly pen cleaning, as well as helping with other facility preparation where needed for events and inspections. This is a year-round position that involves working some weekends, school breaks, and holidays. Work load and scheduling will be dependent on time of year and number of horses in stalls and pens.


In addition to these internships and positions, there are several other ways to be involved at the Horse Barn. Some include the Draft Horse and Driving Club and the Interscholastic Mule Packing Team. Feel free to contact Kelli Davis at with any other questions about internship and involvement opportunities!