Congrats 2020

Congratulations! 2020 Spring Awards Ceremony

This year's Spring Awards Ceremony is brought to you in an online version hosted by Professor Ed Depeters (Master Advisor for Animal Science). This annual event is an opportunity to celebrate the completion of another academic year and the successful completion of a program by seniors. Congratulations to all Animal Science students for their accomplishments this year! Best of luck to our seniors and we hope to see folks back on campus in the near future!

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2020 Eleanor & Harry Walker Academic Advising Award - CA&ES

  • Faculty Advisor Recipient: Dr. Jim Fadel
  • Peer Advisor Recipient: Kiara Cuevas

UC Davis Staff Assembly - Citation of Excellence Team Award

  • Undergraduate Advising
    • Emma Martinez
    • Katherine Livingston
    • Caitlin Wehrley
    • Lisa Holmes
    • Grace Dell Olio

Outstanding Senior Award

  • ANS: Lindsey Smith & Joshua Liu
  • ANM: Teresa Greenhut
  • AEE: Rustam Khayd

2020 Dean's Circle Award (CA&ES)

In recognition of an exceptional academic record

  • Sara Shin

UC Bar Award

Graduating seniors in recognition for outstanding service to the major, good scholarship, and activity in the department

  • Alia Ames
  • Kiara Cuevas
  • Mario Valdez
  • Lindsey Smith
  • Jared Hickory
  • Emanuel Espinoza
  • Jackson Sawyer
  • Teresa Greenhut

Gary B. Anderson Food Animal Graduate Fellowship Award

Graduate student in recognition for their work with food animals

  • Insung Park

Richard H. Johnson Fellowship Award

Graduate student in recognition for their interest in dairy nutrition

  • Carlyn Peterson

Kratzer, Ogasawara, & Vohra Scholarship

Graduate students in recognition for their studies in avian sciences

  • Linda Truong
  • Lindsey Broadus

Carl L. Garrison Scholarship

Recipients are students with junior or senior standing the in the Animal Science Department and plan a career in livestock production

  • Natanya Ackerly
  • Skylar Campbell
  • Jillian Jordan

Harold & Elizabeth Kendall Scholarship

Awarded to an undergraduate majoring in an animal science related major, recognized for their academic excellence and leadership skills inside and outside the classroom

  • Kelsee Tran
  • Yi Ren

Greta Breedlove Ross Scholarship

Awarded to a senior undergraduate in Animal Science, with an interest in animal genetics or related fields

  • Kathryn Garcia

Clement & Jeanne Pelissier Scholarship

Continuing undergraduate student, California resident, in the Animal Science major that demonstrates strong leadership skills and an interest in dairy cattle

  • Karen Lotz

Elizabeth Graves Hosselkus Scholarship

  • Nicole Gonzales
  • Maura Ponce
  • Zishi Wu

Robert & Dorothy Laben Scholarship

New or continuing undergraduate student in recognition of academic excellence, with excellent leadership skills inside and outside the classroom

  • Nicholas Lynch
  • Joseph Terry

Ian Garnett Memorial Award

Awarded to a student with an interest in agricultural enterprise management and plans for a career in agribusiness

  • Josh Cheng

Oskar Lang Laboratory Animal Science Award

Animal Science undergraduate or graduate student in recognition for their interest in laboratory animal management

  • Shelby Ferrier

Asmundson Poultry Science Achievement Award

Awarded to undergraduate or graduate students in recognition for their interest in poultry

  • Emily Gottschal Minners
  • Andrea DeRogatis
  • Elisha Graham

James Delfino Family Memorial Award

Awarded to students that demonstrates interest in production-animal agriculture, including equine, with interests in careers in extension and/or outreach

  • Natanya Ackerly
  • Tara Falt
  • Skylar Campbell
  • Rayann Eaves

Lee Baldwin Family Award

Graduate student in recognition for their research that applies mathematics to further our understanding of biological systems in the pursuit of improving animal agriculture

  • Jinghui Li

Hino/Misawa Companion Animal Award

Awarded to a student with an area of specialization in Companion and Captive Animals, who participated in extracurricular activities related to companion animals

  • Tammy Li

Lisa Nash Holmes Award in Animal Science

Awarded to a continuing undergraduate or graduate student who has demonstrated interest in livestock, dairy, meats, or horses, and participated in extracurricular activities

  • Joseph Terry

DePeters Family Award

Awarded to undergraduate students who have demonstrated interest in dairy or livestock production and participated in extracurricular activities

  • Craig Miramontes
  • Shenoah Dalziel
  • Natanya Ackerly
  • Rayann Eaves

CA Cattlemen's Association Certificates of Achievement

In recognition of outstanding UC Davis seniors, selected on scholarship, leadership, and outstanding involvement in animal husbandry and/or the beef industry

  • Shelby Dunfee
  • Sharissa Anderson
  • Mario Valdez
  • Lindsey Smith
  • Christina Denbraver

Department Citations (ANS & ANM), Citation for Outstanding Performance (AEE)

This prestigious award is reserved for students of true distinction in recognition of their academic excellence & activities

  • Sarah Anderson
  • Montserrat Armero
  • Erin Babinec
  • Joseph Baldetti
  • Jaimie Brown
  • Matthew Burke
  • Angelica Camacho
  • Addison Cheng
  • Mckayla Clark
  • Nadia Clark
  • Christine Collins
  • Ariana Daldemian
  • Rylie Distaso
  • Nathan Hamilton
  • Monica Inoue
  • Shane Jones
  • Natasha Kaplan
  • Chih Yu (David) Lee
  • Peyton Li
  • Joshua Liu
  • Brenda Lopez
  • Devon Maddex
  • Zi Meng
  • Gabriella Mukai
  • Savanah Nelson
  • Khushraj Pandey
  • April Pandosh
  • Kihoon Park
  • Jesi Petersen
  • Sabrina Sankus
  • Autumn Schiano
  • Breanna Scranton
  • Rebecca Shaffer
  • Sara Shin
  • Katelyn Williams
  • Ruochen Wu
  • Ying-Tung Yang
  • Maia Zack
  • Weirong (Will) Zou